How’s Annie? Twin Peaks fanfic

The room was dark, except for a few candles. Three men sat at a small round table. They all had their hands joined with eyes closed. One of the figures started whispering some chant. Suddenly the room got cold and a light breeze filled the room even though there were no windows open.

The two men not chanting opened their eyes and looked around. They looked scared and one of the them started sweating, even though the room was cool. He looked at his friend and mouthed “are you sure about this?” His friend nodded but still looked grim.

As the chanting grew louder, the breeze seemed to pick up speed. The candles started to flicker. The shaman finally called out to the air. “I call upon the spirit of Annie Blackburn. I ask that you reveal yourself to us so we may ask a few questions.”

At that, everything stopped. The candles flickered out and the room plunged into darkness. The lights turned on, momentarily blinding everyone. The two men looked at the shaman as if to ask what just happened.

“I’m sorry sir, but I cannot finish this seance to contact your wife.”

The sweating man spoke up first. “What do you mean? We paid you good money to do this!”

“Alan, please. Let the man explain to us why he cannot do it.” The man turned to the Shaman. “Okay, why can’t you finish this?”

“Mister Blackburn, your wife Annie is not dead.”

Mr. Blackburn looked at Alan and folded his hands and put them up to his mouth. He closed his eyes and looked deep in thought. Finally he spoke up.

“Alan, release the hounds.”

Alan looked surprised for a moment and nodded. He stood up and left the room while taking out his phone. Mr Blackburn turned to the shaman.

“Mr Gupta, I thank you for your services. I’ll have Alan wire your pay in the morning. Please leave me.”

Gupta bowed and left the room. Blackburn looked even more pensive. Finally, he stood up.

“Annie, you have humiliated me for the last time. I thought I could forgive you when you died, but that was your last straw. How dare you fake your death to leave me? I will find you. I will find you and you will regret meeting me!” Then he slammed his fist into the table and it exploded into splinters of wood.

Just then, Alan came running into the room. “Julian, I found her. She hasn’t even changed her name. She’s in Washington state. In a town called Twin Peaks. She’s visiting her sister if you can believe it.”

“Alan, pack your bags. We’re going to Twin Peaks.”

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