I’ve been neglecting my writing. Aside from getting ideas I haven’t really written anything. My thief story is just sitting there and I can see the protagonist with her blue hair staring me down in my mind’s eye. She wants me to finish it and I do too but I’m lacking the motivation right now.

Maybe the overwhelming heat has cooked my brain and I’m slowly becoming a zombie. I haven’t even been reading any books this month. I know, right? Blasphemous to writers. I really need to figure out mindset and get back into it.

I’m struggling to even come up with content for this post right now. I figured if I just wrote something it would help me get back into my writing space.

But I did just think of something. I know a lot of people ask their favorite authors if they see their characters as real life people. And what I mean by that is if they “see” their characters in their head. We know they’re not “real”, right? Right?

Anyways, I do have conversations in my mind with my characters. They’re as real as anyone on TV or the movies. They don’t always agree with me, but that’s ok because if they agreed with everything that would really drive me crazy.

I think Scar, the protagonist of my thief story would say she’s as real as you think she is. She’s a pretty smart kid, not because I wrote her that way but because that’s what she is. If that made any sense, let me know.

I’d talk a bit more about Scar, but that’s something to be discovered in her story. You’ll see someday I hope.

I think I’m a little hungry since my stomach is rumbling and now kinda hurting. I’m hangry!

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